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Not getting anywhere fast? Consider a Career Move.


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If you are looking for a "job", we may accept your resume, but this might not be the best place to spend your effort. If you are a talented and motivated executive, whether you are looking for employment or not, we would like to know more about you.  We invite you to invest in a relationship.

Executive Quest is committed to giving you the very best vacation ownership headhunting service possible.  That includes:

  • Critiquing your resume and, if needed, introducing you to the best resume writers in our industry.
  • We have the largest database of timeshare hiring managers in the industry and we attend multiple industry conferences and meetings throughout the year to notify you on the latest changes and innovative initiatives.
  • We provide you with valuable information on who’s who, which companies are on the move and where opportunities are likely to occur in your area of expertise or geographic region via our monthly newsletters.
  • We give you feedback on the latest in human resources hiring practices, tips and tricks to use during the interview process.  What timeshare managers are looking for – and what they’re not.
  • Our contacts in the industry are ever sending us information about the business (i.e. News you can use) and we pass that on to you.
  • You have access to the results of our annual industry-wide Salary Survey.
  • Putting you name in front of clients who are hiring in any part of the world.  However, we never submit your resume to anyone without first getting your approval via email or telephone.

There is nowhere else you can get the exposure to great positions that reflect your talents for such a modest fee as $89.00 annually and we encourage you to take advantage of the benefits.  Please be assured you are acquiring the best service you will find in the industry.

Submit your resume to (and enter the words "Resume Services" in Subject line) if you are interested in participating in our resume management service. 

HOW TO CRAFT THE RIGHT RESUMÉ- An article by Keith Trowbridge - Click Here

We suggest that you consider a relationship with Executive Quest. If you are talented, eager and willing, send us information about you. You can clip us a resume via email (see below), we will maintain that and contact you when we have a search where your skills, experience and what we know about you fits the needs of our client. All information you send will be held in strictest confidence. We will never present your name or any specific information about you to anyone, without your approval.

Provide us more than your standard resume. A very important part of our search criteria is: Will the candidate be happy in his new situation? Tell us about you and what would make you happy.

If you attach a resume to an email, include information about you. We also require your current compensation level. That is the beginning of us getting to know you, an advantage in presenting you to a client. That is what we mean by a relationship.

We don't want "job hoppers". We owe it to our clients to provide sound reliable leaders.

Send us your resume, especially if you are comfortable in your current position. We know comfort changes and we may be in search of your qualifications in the future if not now.


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