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We seek a relationship with our clients, not just an engagement for a single transaction. Our client's prosperity is important to us. Our future success is pegged to the success of our clients and the candidates we provide. We believe the strength of good management is the key to greater prosperity. 

We can provide services that are cost effective with documented assurance of a successful outcome.

We free our clients from the task of reviewing and interviewing potential candidates so the job of the client would be to do final interviews and evaluations. We offer the independence of our consulting with a fiduciary responsibility.

We maintain the most extensive network of candidates in the industry!

​We offer over 30 years industry experience in the Timeshare, Hospitality and Vacation Ownership Industry, we have the resources and know-how to find you the perfect candidate for the executive position you are looking to fill.

 A degree of urgency.
 Usually Mid-level Executive ($60-$250,000).
 Search may attract Candidates not seeking change.
 Specific talents, abilities or accomplishments.
 Interview for personality and style attributes.

 Highest degree of urgency!
 Key Executive (Over $100,000).
 Not just from the pool of those seeking positions.
 Very specific talents, abilities or accomplishments.
 Assurance of personality and style attributes.

 Fill several positions
 Build a  Management Team
 One or multiple locations.

We offer three different types of searches for our clients