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“Timeshare was a much simpler beast back in the beginning” Heather says, “Now instead of mom and pop resorts we are dealing with mega stars in the hospitality industry, Wyndham, Diamond, Hilton, Holiday Inn, everyone is in on it and it’s a really exciting time to be involved!!”

When not at work, you can find Heather either on the water in her Kayak with her dog Daisie Mae, or volunteering in her community trying to make life just a little easier for the sick and suffering…..just simply taking it “One day at a time”

Heather has been in the Timeshare Industry in some capacity since 1980, starting out in generating OPC tours off the beaches on Sanibel Island for $2.00 per tour which included a premium (a bag of shells). She always stated while growing up that she wanted nothing to do with the timeshare business and yet 40 years later here she sits, as the Director of Operations for her dad Keith Trowbridge.

Director of Operations

Heather Trowbridge