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Thanks for your services over the last decade. I have made life-long friends and great living as a result of your efforts! Tell Jim I appreciate his commitment too!
Jason Fenderson,
Director of Marketing

In my profile of Keith for the January 2009 issue of Resort Trades I compare him to a lion, which is a symbol of strength, power and courage. Just as a pride needs a visionary leader to be 
successful, for more than forty years many in the timeshare industry have found Keith to be this and more. An intellectual of record; a man of principle; an inspirational friend – Executive 
Quest’s CEO Keith Trowbridge, Ph.D. brings something truly special to any endeavor with which he’s involved. What is Keith’s secret to his ongoing vitality? He stays connected with people; he constantly feeds his mind; he seeks the best interests of others. 
Sharon Scott,

Keith, Your dedication to our industry is unparalleled!  I don't think I've come across anyone or any other business entity who’s been so into placing people in our industry as yourself.  

It doesn't go unnoticed.  Our industry is getting pretty hard right now and it's hurting a lot of us, but with people like you out there it gives us a little hope. Thanks for all your hard work!!
Vince Coletta,
VMC Consulting

Keith and his Team are the only bona fide entity for human resource placement within the industry. The quality of the personnel they handle reflects clearly upon the professionalism of their operation as a whole. I have no hesitation to recommend their services.
David Adkins, RRP.
Chief Executive Officer

We have cooperated with Keith Trowbridge for long time, he is an excellent cooperator and we are in a very good cooperative relationship. I hope we will have more communications in the future.
Xu Changdong, Chairman, 
China Anda Travel & Resort Co.
Beijing, China

I have known Keith Trowbridge for almost 30 years when Keith and I began our journey in the timeshare business. Keith is the most dedicated person I know in this business. His network of contacts and respect from his peers is second to none. Thus, from the executive search side of the business Keith has the connections to all the leaders in the industry and the talented employees in the industry that now one else could possibly have. 
Bert Blicher, President
Blue Water Resort