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We are Guided by the following Ethical Principles

We conduct our activities in a manner that reflects favorably on the expression of our values and our virtues.
We conduct our business activities with integrity and avoid conduct that is deceptive or misleading.
We perform all search consulting assignments competently, and with an appropriate degree of knowledge.
We exercise objective and impartial judgment in each search consulting assignment, giving due consideration to all relevant facts.
We strive to be accurate in all communications with clients and candidates and encourage them to exchange relevant and accurate information.
Conflicts of Interest
We avoid, or resolve through disclosure and waiver, conflicts of interest.
We respect confidential information entrusted to us by clients and candidates.
We serve our clients loyally and protect client interests when performing assignments.
Equal Opportunity
We support equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluate all qualified candidates.
Public Interest
We conduct our activities with respect for the public interest.

Accepting Client Assignments
We accept only those assignments that we are qualified to undertake based upon our knowledge of the client's needs and our ability to perform the specific assignment. We accept only those assignments that will not adversely affect our objectivity, loyalty and integrity. We will disclose to present and prospective clients any information about relationships, circumstances or interests that might create actual or potential conflict of interest, and accept potential assignments only if all affected parties have expressly agreed to waive any conflict. We will disclose to any client, any limitation arising through service to other clients that may affect our ability to perform the search assignment. 

We base accepting assignments on an agreement that defines the scope and character of the services to be provided. We will specify to each client the fees and expenses to be charged for the services rendered.

Performing Assignments
We serve our clients with integrity and objectivity, making every effort to conduct search consulting activities on the basis of impartial consideration of relevant facts. We conduct an appropriate search for qualified candidates. If it becomes apparent that no qualified candidates can be presented, or that the length of the search will differ considerably from that originally specified, we will immediately advise our client and offer alternative courses of action.

We will present information about our client, the position, and the candidate honestly and factually, and include reservations that are pertinent and important to an assignment. 

We will withdraw from the assignment if we determine that a client has characterized its organization falsely or misled a candidate if the situation is not rectified.

Candidate Evaluation
We thoroughly evaluate potential candidates, including in-depth interviews, verification of credentials, and careful assessment of the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, before presenting candidates for client interviews. We perform thorough background and reference checks and explain these to our client. 
We advise our client if advertising becomes necessary. 
Presentation of Resumes
We avoid the voluntary presentation of resumes in the absence of an existing client relationship. We will not present a candidates resume without the candidate's consent.
Confidentiality of Client Information
We use our best efforts to protect confidential information concerning our clients. We only use confidential information received from our clients for conducting the assignment. We only disclose client information to those within our firm or to potential candidates who have a need to know the information. We prohibit the use of confidential information for personal gain or to provide inside information to third parties for their personal gain. 
Conflict of Interest
We sustain our integrity, objectivity and loyalty by avoiding conflicts of interest with clients. We will refuse or withdraw from an assignment if we are impaired in the performance of our service. We will inform our clients of any business or personal relationships with any candidates that might affect or appear to affect our objectivity in conducting the assignment.

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